Greyhound Pet Adoption
Lost Dogs

We know you do your best to maintain a happy and safe environment for your Greyhound pet.  Greyhound Pet Adoption hopes your dog is NEVER lost.  However, should a mishap occur we stand ready to assist you.  Below are suggested steps to follow as soon as you realize your Greyhound is missing:

  1. Immediately telephone the following:
    • All Animal Shelters and Humane Societies
    • Animal Control
    • Police Department
    • Your veterinarian and all others in the area the dog was lost

  2. Call relatives/friends/neighbors and recruit as many people as you can to go out looking for your pet.

  3. Contact GPA immediately at (561) 478-3006 and by email at with as many details as you have and a photo if possible. We will post that info on our website and recruit others in an effort to locate your pet quickly.


  5. Read "How To Find Your Lost Greyhound: Post#1" and "How to Catch a Loose, Spooky Hound: Post#2"

  6. Make up posters and fliers that say "Lost Greyhound" with an accurate description of the dog including name and color of collar.  Also include a picture, if possible, your phone number, and the number of GPA FL/SE (561-478-3006).  Post these all over the area on telephone poles, in store windows, and other public places that have high visibility.

  7. If you receive sightings track these on a map noting when each one occurred.  Keep in contact with GPA concerning sightings as they occur.

  8. Place ads in all area newspapers.  This should be done right away as there is a 2-3 day delay before the ad appears.  The ads should be placed in the "Lost and Found" section and include all of the information on the posters.

Please keep in mind that having your own ID tags as well as a GPA tag on your dog's collar at all times is essential for quick recovery.  Additionally, to help keep our GPA database up-to-date we encourage you to notify GPA of any address or telephone number changes.
In the unlikely event that your dog should become lost following these guidelines could very well save your Greyhound's life.

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