Greyhound Pet Adoption

  • Greyhound Needs List

    Recommended items to have when you bring your Greyhound home.
  • Heat Stroke in Dogs

    The Florida summer heat can pose health risks for people but are even more dangerous for dogs. Heat Stroke in dogs can occur as quickly as 10 minutes! Larger dogs in particular are more susceptible to heat stroke so please avoid if possible outdoor activities with your Greyhound when temperatures are at their highest. Symptoms of heat stroke include intense, heavy panting, wide eyes, and weakness. If your dog exhibits any of these conditions, please get them inside to a cooled air-conditioned area immediately. Then place them in a tub of cool running water ensuring the water contacts their skin and allow it to run over their tongue and mouth. In the past, we had 2 dogs previously adopted from GPA succumb to heat stroke, one was only 2 years old. So please use caution with your Greyhound during the summer months.
  • Greyhounds and Other Pets

    Tips on how to handle transitioning a Greyhound to a home with other pets.
  • What Is Your Greyhound Thinking?

    Learn about what Greyhounds go through as they transition to life as a pet.
  • Tips On Adaptation

    Tips on helping your Greyhound transition to home life as smoothly as possible! This guide also goes over common challenges such as Housebreaking, Separation Anxiety, and Children.
  • Caring for your Greyhounds Nails

    This is a pamphlet on how to care for your Greyhound's nails.
  • Caring for your Greyhounds Ears

    This is a pamphlet on how to care for your Greyhound's ears.
  • Veterinary Care

    This is a pamphlet on veterinary care for your retired Greyhound. As distinctive as they are as pets, Greyhounds also have some unique medical characteristics.
  • Aggression in Retired Racers

    Understanding and dealing with sleep aggression and predatory aggression.
  • Toxic Foods for Dogs

    Certain foods can be dangerous to your pet, causing varying degrees of illness. This article details some of these foods.
  • Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Pets

    A list of the top 10 human medications most frequently ingested by pets, along with some tips from the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline on how to prevent pet poisoning from human medications.
  • There's Nothing Like a Well Trained Dog

    A guide to training your Greyhound.
  • Trust, The Deadly Disease

    An article about always being cautious even as you come to trust your dog.
  • Interacting with Fearful Dogs

    This article provides useful information on interacting with fearful dogs.
  • Dog CPR May Save Your Dog's Life

    This pamphlet on dog CPR & administering the Heimlich to a dog was sent to us by Elizabeth Paquetta. "It's amazing how many people have had a problem with their dog choking on a toy/chewie." Elizabeth tells us.

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